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Alphabet Jump

Alphabet Jump is a simple arcade game that will teach children how to say each letter of the alphabet as well as the order of letters.

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Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales features a new, revolutionary reading system. Children can listen to words by touching the word or can hear the entire page read back to them by tapping in the top corner. This allows kids to hear, see and understand each word improving their ability to write, read and speak.

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Letter Sounds

In Letter Sounds, children will develop an understanding of the sound each letter in the alphabet makes. Understanding letter sounds is an essential part in children's ability to write, read and spell.

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up to 100

The Metropolis app uses repetition to ensure once children finish playing the app, they fully understand how to count from 1 - 100 in Greek. This is achieved through not allowing children to progress to the next level until they have fully understood the one they're playing, meaning children will not count past five until they can count to five. Upon finishing the game, we want to ensure each child has mastered the skills taught..

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